About the NWRFCA


The Northwest Region of the Ferrari Club of America (NWRFCA) is a local chapter of the Ferrari Club of America and is comprised of members from the Northwest United States. Ferrari enthusiasts who live in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Washington make up our membership. We currently have over 300 club members in our region, most of whom own at least one Ferrari automobile. 


Ownership of a Ferrari, however, is not required for club membership. We invite anyone who lives in the the Northwest and who has an interest in Ferrari automobiles to join us!


Our Purpose


The purpose of the NWRFCA is the same as the purpose of the National Ferrari Club of America, which is to:

  • Inspire ownership, operation, restoration and preservation of Ferrari automobiles throughout the country. 
  • Serve the members as a source of information regarding Ferrari history and technical information. 
  • Organize meets and exhibits. 
  • Encourage fellowship among Ferrari enthusiasts. 
  • Assist members in locating Ferrari automobiles and parts. 


If you would like information about joining our club, please visit our How to Join page.


Board of Directors and Bylaws


The following links will provide you with more information about the NWRFCA. Thanks for your interest!