When the FCA 2020 Annual Experience at Mont Tremblant was canceled a few weeks ago, the NWRFCA was asked to move up the marketing for the 2021 AE. Therefore, Corrie Walters and Will Diefenbach put together a very nice full-page ad to go into the 2nd Qtr edition of the Prancing Horse. 

In addition, Carlton Geer and I started seriously working on a budget for three different participation scenarios. This is now being reviewed by Don Ambrose the National Annual Experience Chairman.  In order for the national membership to have something tangible to see regarding our event, Dave Tegeler reworked the 2019 GTO video to be linked to our website. In addition, the finish date for our marketing video was moved up to June 1st so it could also be linked to the event homepage. 


Together with Steve Bledsoe, Corrie and Will put the header on the homepage. In addition to the event schedules on the homepage, there is text explaining the major events that make up to the 2021 Annual Experience and the Drive Oregon 2021. The Drive Oregon 2021 logo is also prominently displayed on the homepage. Many other pages of the website have been started with both text and pictures.


The plan is to have the full website functional this fall. Building the registration will start early in the fall and go live January 2021. As you can see several folks, many more than those named above, have spent a lot of time getting us to this point. We have all the Annual Experience Regional Committee Chairs filled except two. We still need someone to be the Awards Chair. This job entails watching over the trophies and making sure they are displayed properly at the Concours and Awards Banquet.  There is also a position open for the Signage Chair. This job requires the person to work with the Concours, PIR track, Pleasure Drives, Oregon Drive and Red Lion Chairs to make sure the appropriate signs are made. 


You don’t have to make them, just be in charge that the needed signs are made. We’ll have volunteers set the signs up. Please give me a call at 971-241-2614 or Erik.SwenssonZ8@yahoo.com if you are interested in either position.


Please check out our FCA 2021 Annual Experience and Drive Oregon 2021 ad in the June Prancing Horse and the FCA website to go live later this month. Be on the look out for the ‘GO LIVE’ announcement. I’m sure you’ll love the videos and be amazed at what the NWRFCA has planned for the 2021 events.  We’ll need plenty of volunteers. So if you see an event you’d like to help with let Scott Faris, safarismotor@gmail.com, or Chuck Tourville, chuck9797@live.com,  know what your choice is. Volunteers for certain events will be on a first come basis.

We have also signed the agreement with the FCA national, which explains what is expected of each other. This makes it clear what the NWRFCA will be doing to support the event and what the FCA’s  responsibilities are.Your FCA 2021 AE and DO 2021 committee is excited about the weeklong series of events and are sure you will be as well. 


Mark your calendar for July 11-17th, 2021 to spend a week with friends and Ferraris. Don’t be shy about contacting folks you know who might want to come too. 2021 is shaping up to be the best Annual Experience ever.


For a more tantalizing look at next year’s event in Oregon, go to  www.FCA2021.org. Safari users: If you have difficulty with the above link then go directly to: https://ferrariclubofamerica.org/mpage/FCA2021Home