How to Join the Ferrari Club of America


Thank you for your interest in joining the Northwest Region of the Ferrari Club of America (NWRFCA). To become a member of our region's chapter, you must be a member of the national organization, the Ferrari Club of America (FCA). All FCA members who live in our region (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington) automatically become regional members upon joining the national organization. Membership dues for the FCA are $175.00 per year.


You do not need to own a Ferrari to be a member of the FCA. An interest in Ferraris is all that is required!

Membership benefits include:
  • the monthly National FCA News Bulletin .
  • the quarterly Prancing Horse magazine 
  • the monthly NW Region Newsletter Amici di Maranello 
  • access to members-only areas of our regional Web site 
  • a free email address 
  • local email discussion list - click here to sign up
  • discounts at local auto services companies 
  • many other members-only benefits 
Click Here to Join the Ferrari Club of America


You can go to the National Ferrari Club of America web site to join the club online, or join by phone at (800) 328-0444.